In the last few years, Digital Transformation has taken most of the IT directors and CIOs on a roller-coaster ride. The reason behind this is because enterprises are slowly moving away from on-site data centers to the cloud setup. This consumerization of IT and the enterprises’ now total dependence on technology has escalated the demands on nearly every CIO. The IT Directors and the CIO community face the challenge of disparate cloud IT environment and top of the roof operational costs alongside the data integration and scalability issues. To reduce the costs and complexities, CEO, and other senior executives need to take responsibility for bringing their organizations into the era of scalable cloud implementation.

Dedicated IT Team

A team of dedicated Engineers, who are proficient in managing all aspects of your infrastructure

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

It is a practice of automating the entire software release process. The idea is to do Continuous Integration and Delivery automatically, prepare and track a release to production. The desired outcome is that anyone with sufficient privileges to deploy a new release can do so at any time automatically. The elimination of all manual tasks makes the developers more productive.

Automated release management

Automating your release management process. Our teams provide a combination of automation, environment modelling, and workflow management capabilities. These practices help teams deliver software rapidly, reliably, and responsibly.

Application containerization

Containerization is application-specific, providing apps with dedicated environments to run on, which can, in turn, be deployed and run anywhere without requiring a machine for each app. We containerized your application with proper architecture with future scalable capabilities.

Designing Infrastructure Architecture

Our team includes Certified Engineers with vast expertise, relevant past performance, and strong vendor relationships. Experience with infrastructure design, implementation, and sustainment of your requirements and ensuring the technical systems and infrastructure are designed to support business requirements.

Cloud Managed Services

Our team of experts has experience in cloud technology design and development. We manage cloud services built on industry best practices to help our clients realize value proposition and focus on their business with the underlying people, process, technology, with confidentiality and security.

Security optimization

Our technologies and practices that keep computer systems and electronic data safe. Our security team staffed by a fleet of certified engineers who have years of experience in security environments and architecting complex security solutions for Cloud environments.

Server Monitoring and Support

Our monitoring tools help in monitoring servers as well as the entire infrastructure. They also provide intensive reports on capacity planning to maintain the network without any hassle.

Our Scalable Cloud Implementation Methodology

Our Scalable Cloud Implementation services will help you to deliver applications and services at high speed; scaling and improving products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional infrastructure. Scalable Cloud Implementation should be viewed as a game-changer for CIO, CTO and IT Director.

Benefits of working EPINEC

Our expertise come from our team's background in Tier 1 service providers, we deliver with the same programme rigor and approach to top quality, without the engagement overheads of bigger industry player.
Our service methodology is in collaboration with a world-renowned thought leader in Frugal Innovation from the University of Cambridge.
Our unique approach to project delivery gives you access to peace of mind.
Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you a local touchpoint at every stage of the engagement.

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